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10/10 service. Richard gave me support 100% throughout and help me overcome my anxiety on the road in record time. Always calm and in good humour made the lessons enjoyable even if I was nervous. I'd highly recommend him to anyone!! Thanks, Ricard.

Tatiana De Los Reyes

By far the best instructor if you get super nervous under pressure, like me. Richard put me at ease and I passed my test first time after a couple days with him. I honestly felt like it was one of my friends, he let’s you take it all at you own pace. Couldn’t recommend him enough!!!

Chelsea Glass

I passed my test the other day first time with 5 minors. I done 3 semi intense days with Richard which was more than enough to get me through. I feel he was always very calm and encouraging. Never gets angry always just tries his best to explain how to improve. Would highly recommend!!

Jay Mcleod

I had previously taken manual lessons a few years ago however had issues with the gears. I decided to take automatic lessons with Richard which was well worth it. Richard is an amazing instructor who is very patient and understanding. He makes the experience enjoyable with an great sense of humour and easy-going conversation and makes you feel safe at the same time. My driving lesson experience was much more enjoyable because of this and passed first time!

Thank you again :)

Ashley Herkes

I would recommend Richard to anyone (and have done so already!) Initially I was really apprehensive about driving and felt nervous about city traffic. From the outset Richard put me at ease and I felt more confident about being on the roads with him. I found him patient and an excellent teacher who explained his reasoning and gave supportive encouragement as well as constructive feedback. Would wholeheartedly recommend!

Dr Catherine Christopher

After 40+ hours of driving with a different instructor with 2 failed driving tests,I choose I pass and Richard to help me out to finally get my licence.It took us only 9 hours to correct all my faults and pass my driving test in 1st attempt .
I would recommend Richard to any of you Who is struggling with low confidence and lack of skills,He will fix it for you and is most polite,kind and patient instructor ever.
Well worth the money,just go for it.

Kinga Wisniewska

Richard has been absolutely wonderful instructor, I passed my test today, driving was horror to me, he helped me boost my confidence and taught me with patience and extremely lovely manners. I would definitely recommend I Pass Edinburgh to everyone without hesitation

Ahlam Kamil

Richard is an excellent driving instructor who made me feel calm and comfortable and teaches in a way that is very much tailored to the individual and what you need to work on. Richard was friendly, kind, understanding and encouraging and I would highly recommend. Passed first time after an intensive course, thank you so much!

Catherine Ryan

Having tried different instructors on and off for two years, finding Richard was ideal! He is a very good instructor and through an intensive course I was passed within a month which is more than what I could have asked for! Would recommend him highly, puts you at ease and is just a really nice person who genuinely wants you to do well


Richard is a superb driving instructor, pays close attention to detail and gives useful pointers. I had learned to drive decades ago in the US, but Richard guided me to learn the UK system. With his training I passed my practical test with flying colours! Thank you Richard!


Finding a driving school in Edinburgh turned out to be quite difficult and stressful with many instructors being fully booked, and after my previous instructor had to cancel on me due to personal reasons, I contacted Richard who was incredibly understanding and helpful. I was on a time crunch as I urgently needed to learn to drive as I was soon moving to the US, and Richard was very accommodating, professional and friendly. Even now on big, crazy Texan highways I feel confident and safe behind the wheel and it is definitely 100% thanks to him. If you are looking for an excellent driving instructor who is thorough, patient, and also just pleasant to be around - look no further!

Ashley Hugot

Richard is by far the best driving instructor I have had - and I've had a few! He was so relaxed, encouraging, easy to talk to and he created a great environment for a nervous driver like myself. He constantly gave constructive criticism and was super reassuring when I needed him to be. Not only that but his laid back attitude and great sense of humour definitely put me at ease.
Richard is very flexible in that he asked me what I wanted to work on and what I wanted to practice a little more as I neared my test. He was also happy enough to let me practice the same thing over and over again until I felt comfortable and confident enough. All of this resulted in me passing my test with 1 minor - so thank you Richard!

Megan Lindsay

Passed my exam today - first go! Thanks to Richard’s amazing help,support and encouragement. Richard is an excellent teacher! A very polite and lovely man (very funny as well! Great sense of humour!). He was always patient and calm. His teaching techniques were incredible and were very easy to understand so I could progress quickly to my test (5 lessons only / 2 hours each lesson) I cannot thank Richard enough! One of the best driving instructors out there! Will definitely recommend Richard to anyone who is looking to learn and want to pass the exam. I passed my exam and made a new friend :) Thank you Richard! You are a legend x


A friend recommended Richard to me when I expressed to her how nervous I was to drive in the U.K. after moving here from Florida over five years ago. He was patient, encouraging and always put me at ease with his kind nature. He taught me techniques that not only helped me pass my test but will definitely make me a better driver. I could not have had a better instructor!


I can’t recommend Richard enough, I have today just passed my test after completing a weeks intensive course. Sitting my test previously but lacking confidence I booked up for the intensive course after a year out of driving. Richard takes his time to explain things, and makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend Richard and the weeks intensive course!

Megan McDonald

If you're looking for an instructor who is upbeat and optimistic, encouraging and patient, Richard is your guy. Don't underestimate the importance of choosing an instructor who understands not only how to deliver technical expertise, but who also has a personality that beams with can-do positive vibes. I joked with Richard that he is an 'honourary American' because he radiates positivity, which is not always easy to come by in instructors. Hopefully he's OK with that title! In any case, I'm glad that I don't need to keep using the kids' ride-on vehicles to practice parallel parking and reverse corners in the living room!


Just had a fantastic week course with Richard. I had previously stopped lessons with someone else as I didn't feel confident driving but after a week with Richard, I feel so much more at ease about driving and I wonder what all the fuss was about before! I learnt so much so quickly and so easily with Richard and he is so patient and reassuring, and has a wonderful sense of humour! Thank you!!

Rachel M

I started to learn to drive on and off over 10 years ago and never quite progressed to test stage. I got in touch with Richard who offered an intensive course at quite short notice. I've had loads of driving instructors and Richard was by far the best, he was patient, relaxed and professional. He brought my driving skills up to test standard within 4 days. On the day of the test I was really nervous and Richard helped put me at ease and reassured me before I went to test. I passed my test first time and I'm over the moon. I'd like to thank Richard for his time and highly recommend him!


I had 5 lessons with Richard and can honestly say his teaching styles, for me were incredible! A lovely, polite man who went above and beyond to accommodate me! I passed the day after my 3rd daughter was born and will continue 2 praise and promote Richard whenever I can! 5 stars from me! Thanks again!

Iain young

Richard was a patient and professional instructor. I was a very nervous driver but Richards professional and kind manor but me at easy .I successfully passed my test after an intensive driving course with Richard and would recommend this course to new drivers.

Siobhan Meagher

Had previously had a different instructor before uni and had not managed to pass my test, Richard offered to take me at short notice to get me through my test. He really built up my confidence and got me through my test, putting himself out so that I could fit driving lessons around uni. Couldn't recommend him more highly.


Richard is amazing driving instructor I was nervous to start taking lessons. Richard made me feel so relaxed and enjoy the lessons. I passed my driving test from the first time and would never do it without Richard. Thanks so much


Richard is an excellent instructor. I failed my test four times with other instructors, but passed with only one minor fault with Richard. He is very good at making you relaxed, and also at giving you confidence. Richard is very clear and calm with advice and makes even complicated manoeuvres seem easy. I thoroughly recommend Richard as an instructor.


Richard is a brilliant instructor – extremely patient, positive, great at giving tips and tricks, very kind, puts you at ease and goes over things until you feel confident doing them, no matter how long it takes. He really helped me especially covering things like roundabouts, which I used to get really worried about. I really enjoyed learning with him and did several intensive driving courses with him. I couldn’t recommend him more highly. I had had several instructors before him who made me feel nervous and I was beginning to lose hope that I would actually pass after sitting the test twice before and failing. Thanks to Richard I passed – with just 5 minors - and now feel confident driving. I also want to add that Richard has a great sense of humour! A massive thanks again.


I passed my test today on my first attempt with 1 miner !!
Thank you Richard for your patient, your hard work and perseverance with me.
I highly recommend Ipass with Richard..
you brought the best out of me.

Deema Nassani

Richard is amazing driving instructor I was nervous for driving and espically my previous driving instructor wasn't that good. Richard made me feel at ease and relaxed and has really good teaching techniques.

Houda Allegue

Richard is a fantastic teacher and top man...passed first time today due to his excellent training methods an approach. I did a week's intensive course which was brilliant and within 2 weeks I passed so I would highly recommend ipass and Richard

Paul Donnelly

I passed my driving test yesterday on my first attempt. I sending massive thanks to Richard!!! He was awesome!!! Very patient,very reliable and always constructive in his advice whilst make me feel at ease. I highly recommend Richard...forsure!!! Thanks again!


The best driving instructor in Edinburgh and musselburgh no doubt. I previously had a driving instructor who always put me down i used to dread the lessons until i contacted Richard, he is so helpful, he never tells you what you did is wrong he always say what you did ia ok but you can do it better by so and so. This way you learn annd gain confidence. I would recommend him to anyone i know without thinking twice. I passed the first attempt after and intensive week. I honestly can't praise him enough. Also you would enjoy the ride. If you are looking for instructor in Edinburgh or musselburgh look no further.

Haider naji

I passed my test a few weeks ago with Richard 1st time, i had been with another driving instructor before him and Richard is the most reassuring and patiant driving instructor, hes very reliable and i couldnt have done it without him, best driving instructor in edinburgh i would 100% recommend him! Thanks Richard!


I had not driven since I had passed my test over 25 years ago I needed serious refresher course as I had zero confidence. Richard was just what I needed as his mix of humour and clarity really helped me. It only took six hours for me to feel ready to take to the roads on my own. I would highly recommend this company.

Melanie Allan

Richard is a naturally-talented teacher. He is observant, quick to pick up individual needs and tailors every lesson to suit you. His friendly yet professional personality is constructive and encouraging. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone learning how to drive.

Dr. Lu

I would like to thank Richard for his patience and help in passing my test yesterday at 54 I never thought I would drive but with Richards help it became a reality I camnot thank him enough he has the patience and kindness to put you at ease and let you believe you can do this. I would be more than happy to recommend Richard to anyone wanting to drive.



Just passed today with Richard! Richard has been so amazing and patient. I started driving with him just a couple of months ago thinking it was impossible to pass the driving test, having tried twice before with previous instructors. He managed to tailor the lessons that really suited my learning style. He was always positive but very honest with his feedback. I used to dread driving lessons but always looked forward to the ones with Richard because I could see improvements with every lesson and he is in general a great guy to spend time with. Cannot recommend iPass enough!


I passed my test on Saturday and this was all thanks to Richard. He is an excellent instructor; patient, calm, reassuring whilst maintaining a sense of humour! I looked forward to my lessons with him and he made the process straightforward and enjoyable. He was always constructive in his advice whilst making me feel at ease. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn either automatic or manual! Thank you Richard.

Louise Shannon

Very happy to recommend Richard. I actually fell out with my first instructor pretty quickly so was very happy to then find Richard. He was quick to asses my capabilities and learning style and then used this to help me learn effectively and quickly (which was my main driver due to an imminent move to the US). His communications are clear and concise while his manner makes you feel comfortable and can take the edge of what can be a quite a quite stressful experience. Admittedly I don't think any UK instructor could have prepared me for the madness which is driving in Houston as there doesn't seem to be any rules out here on their 14 lane freeways. Richards instruction has however certainly given me a very solid foundation to try and keep myself out of trouble. You'll be glad to hear i've equipped my self with a 5.0l V8 Mercedes SL500 just to add to the madness, some first car!

Michael Court

Having just passed my test with Richard in an Automatic, I can't recommend iPass strongly enough. As a nervous learner, and after a poor experience with another instructor, Richard is a breath of fresh air - professional, patient and positive.

Excellent guidance and feedback at every step in an environment where you can relax and feel happy to ask questions. I was comfortable and picked up the skills much more quickly than expected thanks to Richard's help. I'm amazed how I went from confused and anxious to confident and in control so soon.


Been getting lessons from Richard and he totally knows his stuff, he was very patient and helped Mr get through the test. He is friendly and was just like learning to drive with a mate highly recommend getting lessons from Richard (Ipass) .


I learned to drive with Richard this year and just recently passed my test (with only 3 minors!). I honestly dont think I could have done it with any other instructor (in fact I had already tried with two others). I am a mature learner at 41 so needed someone to be very patient and understanding. Richard has the gift of patience and exudes calm even when my driving was awful! His approach to teaching and can-do attitude made me feel more confident. He was very flexible, with lots of ideas to tailor learning to my style when some aspects of driving proved tricky to me. He is also very friendly and approachable. I cannot recommend him enough! Thanks R!

Julieanne Murphy

Having failed my test a number of times, with as many instructors, in semi-rural areas (Elgin) I was sceptical as to whether Id be able to handle city driving in Edinburgh. Richard was the perfect instructor for the job; relaxed and attentive, I knew where I was going wrong without getting increasingly frustrated and my driving suffering as a result. Unlike my previous driving instructors he offers advice without being condescending or patronising which is the best way to learn! Would highly recommend!


Richard and IPass Edinburgh are fantastic. I passed my test yesterday with only 4 minors all due to the patient and highly professional lessons that I had with Richard. He is very happy to cater to your needs and time constraints, and a pleasure to spend time with as well!

Stephanie King

I passed my driving test today and would like to thank Richard for the time he put in with me. He was very accommodating and managed to fit in a 6 day driving course within 2 weeks of my test. Richard was very patient and constructive with his criticism. He gave me enough time to build up my confidence in the car before feeling confident with the manoeuvres. I would recommend Richard and IPass driving school. Thanks

Ross Stewart

I passed my test yesterday on my first attempt with 3 Minors & am still on cloud nine!!
As someone(in her forties!) who had no desire to learn(my boyfriend actually made the call) I was not looking forward to it.I was not going to be a natural driver!!
From the moment I spoke to Richard I felt at ease,he was relaxed and had a sense of humour(he needed it!).During each lesson he explained everything that was required & was encouraging & supportive when giving feedback.I'm sure I tested his infinite patience during my Manoeuvres but he remained relaxed & composed which in turn relaxed me!!
I know the real learning starts now but thanks to Richard I feel capable and confident,I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Having had a bad experience with an instructor who put me off driving for many years, I was apprehensive about starting lessons again but needed to learn for my work. Richard did a fantastic job and from the first lesson I felt I was in good hands and would be able to succeed. He strikes a very good balance between being positive and encouraging, and giving honest feedback about mistakes and areas for improvement - which you do need to get, as there's no point in continuing to do the wrong thing. He was very good at explaining why something had gone wrong and how I could improve it, so errors didn't make me lose my confidence and were just part of the learning process. He was patient and calm and didn't mind going over areas several times as needed. He also took the time to come out with me once in my own car so we could work out reference points for parking it, which he didn't have to do and which helped a lot. I passed first time with seven minors, well within the timescale I had set myself for learning to drive, and I actually really enjoy driving now which I never envisaged would be the outcome. I enjoyed learning with Richard and would recommend him to anyone.


Richard was a great instructor - relaxed, very patient and constructive with criticism. There were a couple of manoevers that I struggled with, and he took the time to show me different methods. Likewise, the tips he showed me for driving in the dark and in bad weather have made me more confident driving my own car in the winter.
I've passed his number on to a friend, and would do so again!


I passed my test on Friday with Richard. I would definitely recommend 'i pass' driving school. He was very patient and reliable. Also really good at picking up not just when I was making mistakes but why I was too. I've had lessons with a few instructors and he has definitely been the best!


I would highly recommend IPASS for driving lessons. Learning to drive around Edinburgh was a very different experience for me, and my driving instructor(Richard) made everything really easy to pick up quickly. I feel I really got value for money and this was proved as I passed first time!! I also feel that I was well equipped not only to pass the test, but to actually drive and I will always remember the things I have been taught. I have already referred one friend and will do so to anyone who asks. Thankyou so much.


I passed my test with Richard yesterday, Automatic lessons were definately for me, I took an 5 day Intensive course and passed with 3 minors the following week.
Thank you very much for getting me through the test and putting up with my colourful language!! Highly recommend iPass Edinburgh to all.

Sarah Mcguinness

Thank you for all your hard work and perseverance with me.
You have so much patience, and boy did you need it with me ;)
Thanks to you I passed 1st time - you brought the best out of me.

Kirsty Delamere

My experience with iPass Edinburgh has been very good.
Richard taught me very well. He is calm, approachable and very professional.
I never thought I would pass my test first time. I have already decided to do the PassPlus with him...

Lyndsey Stewart

Passed my test today at Musselburgh test centre with 3 minors. I felt Richard was very calm and patient, I've had a number of driving instructors before him who I felt weren't as clear and concise in their teaching methods as Richard was.


I found lessons with Richard to be extremely enjoyable and very productive. I learned a great deal about driving in a short period of time and felt my confidence as a driver grow and grow. I recommend him highly

Guy Findlay

Richard was an extremely patient and encouraging teacher. He always adopted a positive and supportive approach while helping me to become a more independent, confident driver. The lessons were well structured and individualised. He was flexible in his approach; allowing me to focus on aspects of my driving that I was particularly worried/apprehensive about. Despite my nervous disposition - Richard put me at ease and helped me focus on becoming more confident. His kind, constructive approach was extremely beneficial to my learning. Richard was definately the right instructor for me and I'd highly recommend him to anyone!

Dr Carinne McMurray